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FAQs on Ordering
   FAQs on Ordering
Q: How can I send my documents to you?
Use our “Free Quote” form to submit your requirements for translation. You can also send your documents as an attachment to us by e-mail. Where possible, please upload original editable file formats: doc, rtf, txt, pdf, xls, ppt, html, htm.

Q: How do you select translators for my project?
Your translation project is done by a native speaker who specializes in your specific subject field. For example, if you have ordered a translation of contract from English into Spanish, we will assign a native Spanish translator with experience and understanding of translating legal documents and has the additional education in this subject area to complete your order.

Q: I have ordered a translation from your company. Whom should I contact if I have any questions or concerns?
If you have any questions while your order is being preparing, then please contact us via live chat or talk with our coordinators on the phone (China Toll-free: 86-400-700-3100). We will gladly answer all of your questions. For more contact information visit this page.

Q: How can I make changes or revisions to my order?
You can discuss your translation needs with your project manager by phone (China Toll-free: 86-400-700-3100) or via live chart at any time.

Q: What is your typical turnaround time?
Small documents (1-4 pages) are translated in 1 or 2 working days. Rush service is available to deliver translations the same day or overnight upon your request. For larger translation projects the deadlines vary and depend on the size of the document, but we strive to meet all deadlines. If for any reason we are not able to meet your deadline, we will inform you immediately.

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