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General FAQs
   General FAQs
Q: How can you guarantee that my translation will be completed professionally?
Our certified translators will focus on the language of your text, subject matter and precisely convey the intended meaning of your target text and message. Upon the completion of the translation, it is proofread by our editing team and a native speaker of the specific language the document was translated into. This process ensures accuracy and a high quality translation.

Q: What experience and qualifications do your translators have?
We screen all of our translators very carefully to ensure they are fluent; all of them are native language speakers who have extensive expertise in their subject fields. Most of our highly qualified translators are members of internationally recognized translator's associations.

Q: What languages do you translate?
yingwen.com offers foreign language translation services in over 100 languages. Please go to our Languages We Translate page to see the full list of languages that we currently provide translation for.

Q: Do your translators use machine translation tools?
No. Our company cooperates only with professional native speaking human translators who deliver sound, specialized translations. However, many of our freelance translators employ translation memory software (like Trados) to ensure consistency of terms within the document. One of the many reasons that we have a native speaker review the translation is to make sure that the target text contains any cultural differences that machine translations can not comprehend.

Q: What is your typical turnaround time?
Small documents (1-4 pages) are translated in 1 or 2 working days. Rush service is available to deliver translations the same day or overnight upon your request. For larger translation projects the deadlines vary and depend on the size of the document, but we strive to meet all deadlines. If for any reason we are not able to meet your deadline, we will inform you immediately.

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